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Recent Discussions

Customers’ Voice

  • I have just been on to techvedic technical support for a software problem. I was helped by Monica Raina. These support team members were patient and extremely helpful. My problem was completely resolved to my satisfaction. Both these technical service consultants are a credit to your organization, and it has been a pleasure to deal with TechVedic.

    Anthony Crouch

  • Every time I contact your company with a computer problem, your staff member shubham is very happy to help & sorts the problem very quickly. I will always be happy to give people I know in business your company's name to fix their computer problems.

    Peter Knapp

  • I wish to express my thanks at the service I have received by this service agent. His patience and understanding of my shortcomings on the computer. You should increase his salary. Once again many thanks Sagar. Good Job Jitendra & Sagar!

    David Kirsch

  • The experience we have received has been excellent Jitendra Maurya has resolved all the problems we have been experiencing today. He is very professional and helpful and we are very grateful to him. Score rate 10 out of 10. Without his help and support today we would not have known how to carry on with our business requirements following the fault with the computer.

    Nicola Keogh

  • Thank you very much Satinder Pal Mehra, your expertise has been amazing and this could have really affected the running of my business without your help, you have fixed my computer problems very fast. Thank you very much, you are my savior…Thank you very much once again!!!

    James Thomas

  • Pintu Kumar, Yes you have done a fabulous job. We will tell our friends about your service and surely recommend that to my friends and neighbors.Thank you so much and have a great day.Once again I would say Pintu Kumar is very intelligent and very knowledgeable person.

    Derek Barrows

  • Dear Prashant Dhakal,I was very impressed with your excellent technical ability when dealing with my problem. The problem was solved in a very professional way with a very courteous attitude.

    Ian Holden

  • I would like to say thank you very much for all your help. As someone who is not technically minded your staff made things very easy to understand. Well done Deepak Papreja.

    David D Roseburgh

  • The problem was that the sound was not working. This was diagnosed as being a virus. The virus was removed and the system restored to full working order.  Excellent service by Deepak Papreja. Everything completed very satisfactorily.    

    Chris West

  • I am very pleased with the phenomenal technical service provided by you people. I was unable to find any solution from last 2 months. But techvedic did it in seconds.  

    James Mathew

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