18 July 2013
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“Google Plus, age 2 years, loved by 235 million friends” is missing …

Seems unbelievable? But it’s a fact, Google+ is still missing from the intellect of business entrepreneurs. Most of them are not aware of its marketing potential, particularly SEO benefits and hence skeptic about moving to the new social media paradigm. They still don’t have answers for “How Google+ can benefit their business?” A massive hunt is on from Techvedic, a leading tech support vendor. See how you can boost your business with it:

Create Effective Profile

First impression is the last impression, so come with your best shot. And, be straightforward in what you do and what your business is about, Use your real name, mention necessary links of website, blog, etc. including blogs where you are a contributor. Also add links to your other social sites to complete your profile. Use Gplus to make your link unique, create groups using Circle, and Hangouts, invite contacts from other platforms and make your presence felt across the online audience. Once, you have created the profile don’t forget to get it connected with your business websites using recommended Google+ Badge.

Share Your Content

Remember this is a virtual world, and to make people interested in you and your business you have to be very innovative in terms of content including images and videos that you post or share on the network. Google+ indexes your content based on SEO norms and provides requisite visibility against Google search against targeted keywords. Thus, branding and marketing go side by side with the Google Plus.

Start a Google+ Community

It’s a boon for effective networking. Start building community of followers, brand ambassadors and potential clients, and get involved in closer discussion by effectively addressing their demands which is viable for healthy relationship with target audience.

Use Google Plus Events

Share important announcement pertaining to commencement of any services, discounts or sales using the Events function. You have options to make the events public besides using the Google Hangouts or TweetChats.

Create a Google Authorship

Linking blog posts with the Google+ can pay off SEO advantages, and will ultimately boost the brand awareness factor.

However, Rome was not built in a day. Be patient, and keep on posting relevant, high-quality, actionable content. Also be responsive, as Google + is not a monologue, follow back potential clients, and re-share relevant posts. Overall it’s a platform where democracy prevails, and you can win collectively.

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