4 July 2013
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Apple got 81 points out of 100 in the latest American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), and maintained the trend of topping the list. Well, retaining its position is itself an achievement for Apple but slipping by 2 percent over the past 12 months sounds little disappointing. Techvedic is unveiling this tech news to you.

Technology era marked its importance in several ways. Whether it is iPhone or any other smartphone, consumer satisfaction matters a lot. Consumers’ voice is the verdict when it comes to measuring the success of any brand. If it is up to the mark according to users then only it can rank higher. And, if not, then it is sure to get lost in the crowd. In the recent American Consumer Satisfaction Index report, iPhone scored the highest consumer satisfaction marks, though Motorola, Samsung and Nokia were the close followers. This report also unveils that the overall level of satisfaction among consumers using smartphones has improved by 2.7 percent over the past 12 months. In fact, in the US these devices are so popular that they have overtaken featured phone market altogether.

On the other hand, Samsung also achieved immense success. The credit goes to its Galaxy SIII handset due to which its score jumped 7 percent to 76. Motorola improved by 5 percent and got a score of 77 whereas Nokia reached to 76 points over the same period. Obviously, this success for both Motorola and Nokia is commendable.
Further, the results placed Motorola in second place next to Apple. Along with this, Samsung and Nokia tied in third place above HTC (72), LG (71) and BlackBerry (69). Now, it will be interesting to see that whether Apple retain its number one position next year or not. Apple would face tough competition with the entry of Samsung Galaxy SIV, HTC One and BlackBerry Q10. ACSI noticed that the biggest problem consumers faced with smartphones is battery life but at the same time they were happy as they got easy-to-use devices.

Based on data gathered from 70,000 US consumers, this annual report is the optimum indicator to present consumer satisfaction not only in terms of smartphones but for other products and services as well.

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