26 June 2013
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Apple and Samsung Offering Systems with 12-hour Battery-life


Now, don’t allow low battery to hamper your productivity as Apple and Samsung are coming with their new long battery life systems. Have a glimpse of it with Techvedic spotlight.

Apple and Samsung, the top vendors of technology market, released their new laptops that use the power management capability of Intel’s latest chip. With power-efficient SSDs and a chip, MacBook Air is highly expensive to afford. Obviously, the chip known as Haswell is built from the ground up so as to save energy. Thus, its prices should reflect the effort. This Haswell processor is present to deliver longer battery life. Another exception of new MacBook Air is its microphone hole for better sound quality.

According to the analysis done by Frank Gillett, an analyst at Forrester, he was not very much impressed as the unaffordable thing is highly noticeable of these new arrivals. Talking about the Intel’s Haswell, a 22-nanometer chip, is able to turn transistors on and off to adjust power usage. Furthermore, it has the faster speed for data transit. Eventually, it reduces the use of power. Intel has announced worldwide that this chip is very much supportive in extending battery life 50 percent.

Joining the race with Apple, Samsung also made another addition to ultrabook line, the ATIV Book 9 Plus. This is a 13.3-inch system with screen resolution 3200-x1800 pixels as well as boot-up time of 5.9 seconds and wake-up 0.9 seconds. Although Samsung has not revealed its pricing yet, high-resolution systems in the market starts at just over $1,000. As per the sizes of SSD, the rate can go higher.

Going to MacBook Air, it starts at $999 for the 11-inch model and goes further as per the configuration. The appealing long battery life of these laptops is quite remarkable. But, at the same time the high prices are restricting customers to buy it. Customers who don’t like to spend much on a system will hardly get attracted towards the long battery life. At last, the issue is money. Technology market is flourishing day by day. Therefore, a majority of customers may like to wait for further arrivals. However, those who have already suffered with their work productivity will find it hard to desist from.

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