Tech savviness is almost becoming a literature now-a-days and folks, especially, youths are getting attuned to it in the best possible ways. If one has to talk about mobile phones, then it would be hard to rule out the clout that they have garnered. Now-a-days, phones are not just confined to texting and calling, rather, they have breached this stereotype and are becoming a necessity in every need of human. New brands are emerging every now and then, and when one comes in the picture, in that case, the other gets obsolete. Apple—a brand to reckon for smartphone and PC’s has yet again introduced a new phone in the fore, iPhone 6, so I thought of personally reviewing this phone and dig how best it has been able to carry on with the Apple lineage. So, I have created different categories based on which buyers can make an effective purchase decision.

There was a high demand for a revamp on the Apple phone, and this time in order to revive and bounce back with an attitude, Apple has launched its pioneering and unprecedented product, iPhone 6 in the arena. Now, it will be an interesting thing to watch out how folks are responding to this product. So, if you have always been an Apple enthusiast and you are yearning to lay your palm on this phone, in that case, it is important that you are fully satisfied with the product, and in this review I will be sharing my own experience since I am also using iPhone 6 and I have been attached to the Apply family from a very long time.

Apple has been continuously striving to improvise on their smartphone models since Samsung has hurt their prospects and with the introduction of iPhone 6, to an extent they have been able to give a befitting reply to its competitors. So, let’s see why this phone has been harboring too much attention.

Look and Feel

Gone are those days when sleek look and feel reverberated in the heads of the audience, with the introduction of iPhone6, a new trend setting fashion would be simmering soon, especially, for those hipsters that have made phones their style quotient. This phone has curvy look and extremely elegant design along with sleek edges to catch the eye galore. It would be a feast for your eye and a lifetime experience to take a nosedive in the dark rich glassy look of this phone. It almost equalizes a crystal and if you have any second thought regarding the fragile nature it can carry, in that case, drive them off in the first place. This phone has smart technology and well-crafted design and cutting-edge engineering ensures that it ends up being unbreakable if it falls from a considerable height. However, it is not free from flaw at the same time, the camera bulge compromises the look of the phone. But there is one smart thinking that has shaped up and the phone has no power button affixed at the top of the phone, rather, it has slipped to the right hand side of the palm. At the same time, there were also expectation of the people for a bigger phone and that have been answered in affirmative by Apple this time. This phone is long and the screen size is also very large. So, you can enjoy live video streaming in the best possible way and watching movie on the go would be a real time experience on this phone. At the same time, though the phone is large, still it fits well in the pocket and it is ultralight, so no hassle whatsoever.


Price (16 GB storage) $299
Dimension 6.22”×3.06” ×.028”
Weight (in grams) 172
Display 5.5” (diagonal) LED-backlit widescreen Multi‑Touch display with IPS technology, 1920*1080 pixel resolution and 1300:1 contrast ratio with Full sRGB standard.
Processor Chip A8 with 64 bit architecture and M8 motion processor.
Operating System iOS 8
Camera 8 MP primary and 1.5 MP secondary
Video Recording 1080 HD Video Recording (30 or 60 fps
Touch ID Fingerprint Identity Sensor
Cellular and Wireless GSM/EDGE, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC
Audio Calling Face time audio, Voice over LTE (Volte), Wi-Fi and Cellular
Video Video format of HD 1080 supported
Power 24 hour talk time on 3G and playtime of 14 hours. (Lithium Ion Battery)
Headphones Apple Ear pods with remote and mic
Sensors Touch ID, Barometer, three axis gyro, accelerometer



When it comes performance, in that case, you cannot overlook the clout of dual core Apple A8 processor, it is real fast and as compared to quad and Octa-core processor. The built in RAM is sufficient to let you take your gaming habits to a new dimension. Enjoy multitasking in the best way while using this phone. So, if someone has to go for computing and wants feasible solutions to never let him/her end up stuck on account of phone hanging scenario, in that case, this could be the worth device to go for.

Recommendation and verdict

If you are a brand aficionado, especially to those that resonate the society, in that case, Apple is the best to resort to, however, you can also look forward to Samsung or any other brand, but earlier Apple phones were just lagging behind Samsung in terms of size, but now that has been dealt with and iPhone 6 is a vivid example of big phones with smart features. So, if you can rule out the water resistant feature, in that case, iPhone 6 would be the best that you can consider for this year purchase. At the same time, going for iPhone6 would keep those nightmarish phone hanging experience at bay, thereby, iPhone definitely wins with a clear majority in terms of style, efficiency, battery backup and virus protection. So, from my personal view and suggestions, it would be a much better choice to choose iPhone6 instead of Samsung S5.

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