27 June 2013
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Boost your health with the help of technology. Apple is here to proffer you top ten health apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. These apps were launched by Apple on iTunes in 2011. Techvedic is unveiling this interesting news to you.

The app which has topped the list in terms of download can provide three-dimensional view of your muscles while you work out. Also, you can find another app which offers intense, equipment free workouts. Below are the top ten apps from the Apple app store:

  1. iMuscle: It is on-the-go workout help which can help you capture three-dimensional views of your muscles or body parts when you are exercising. This app comes with exercise guide labeling as well as medically correct descriptions. It costs $1.99/$4.99.
  2. Nike Training Club: With the help of this app, you get virtual personal trainer offering 60 workouts as well as new training regimens recommended by five professional athletes. Also, you can earn app reward workouts from Rihanna’s personal trainer Ary Nuñez. This app is freely available.
  3. The Eatery: By photo-document everything you eat, you can rate it on a scale from “fit” to “fat” as well as share it with your friends for feedback. It is also free.
  4. Fooducate: It allows you read the barcode on food products in the US so as to get a health grade from A to F. It is free.
  5. P90X: This app enables you to keep track of your sets, reps and weights. Also, you can view your progress, log your nutrition, access workout series and share your results. It costs $4.99
  6. FitnessClass: Through this, you can easily stream workout videos with WiFi or 3G and share it across Facebook and Twitter. This app is absolutely free.
  7. MyFitness Pal Calorie Counter and Fitness Tracker: This app has complete food database containing 400,000 items as per calorie content and nutritional ingredients. By using this app, calculate your daily intake of vitamins or make your own diet plans for losing or gaining weight. It is free.
  8. Sprout: It is specifically designed for pregnant women. Sprout offers color images as well as three-dimensional models of your growing baby, weight trackers, contraction timer, kick counter, Personal MyBaby and Doctor Says sections. The price of this app is $3.99.
  9. Gorilla Workout: You can get a fast-paced, no equipment series of more than 40 exercises. For strengthening your core, abs, chest, back, arms and legs, each exercise targets specific muscle groups.
  10. Aristrip Cardiology: With this, doctors can access ECG data for their patients remotely.


These apps are highly useful for maintaining sound health.

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