2 January 2015
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In a democratic world where every individual is given freedom to speech, people react to success and failures in different ways. As a result of competent business strategies, many agencies target and defame their competitors by taking advantages of online content marketing platforms. The professionals intentionally put negative reviews on the online forums, review portals and other platforms where customers visit to know reputation of a service vendor. This has been seen recently in a post on Hubpage by Dellea, a professional writer, where she claimed Techvedic – a leading tech support brand serving thousands of worldwide technology enthusiasts – to be a fake IT support provider.

Under a post titled as “Beware of Tehvedic”, the author wrote Techvedic complaints claiming it to be an irresponsible, unauthorized and defamed company that bluffs people to steal their money and personal financial information.

  • “Techvedic takes remote access of caller’s machine and partake unlimited access for stealing information in unauthorized ways” – writing anything like this can affect market reputation of a brand. Aware of this fact, Dellea went ahead and claimed Techvedic to be a fake source stealing customer data. Apparently, there is no truth behind this, because she did not mention the name of the remote access software. Being a reputed tech support vendor, Techvedic uses third party BOMGAR software which is certified by Symantec and it is terminated at client’s end only. The entire remote access process is authenticated because it can be initiated only when the one-time session code is used.
  • In the post, Dellea also mentioned that the service vendor also asked her customer to pay a heavy fee of $199.99 against the services taken under the Unlimited One Year Support Access Plan. This is self-created Techvedic complaint as it has no relation with the reality. Firstly, Techvedic do not asks the customer to make payments, unless the problems are actually resolved and services are helpful. In case, a customer is not happy with Techvedic’s support services, it can claim for a refund under Refund Policy or can even talk to customer agents over the phone.

Techvedic is a reliable tech support vendor and it is ready to answer all the customer concerns if any scam is confronted.

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