How to deal With Online Child Sexual Abuse

10 April 2015
Online Crimes
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What is the best thing that has evolved in 21st century—the questing is thought stirring; however, the answer is something that has engulfed almost each and every folk in the world. So, are you still wondering, well let’s break this suspense and reveal— it is technology. The advent of technology has helped folks from diverse angles, however, now-a-days people are more attuned towards using it for complicit and diabolical purpose. You might have well heard of cybercrime dominating the internet. Now-a-days, children below the age of 15 years are victimized more by these cybercrimes. They are easy prey and malicious agents are always looking for an opportunity to strike fast and really hard the moment they get opportunity.

In Australia, online child abuse is a crime and the punishment for this is as high as 15 years. Basically, these malicious players that are busy preying over the Internet for victims are using the online platform to trick small girls, lure them and force them into prostitution. So, it becomes imperative that proper care is given and your daughter, sister, wife, family and friends are well aware of the online sex scams that are wreaking havoc through social sites, phones and other platforms.

So, let’s take into consideration what is considered as online child sexual abuse in the Aussie land.

  1. If there is dissemination of information through online platform that deals in advertising dealing with child abuse material, in that case, it is a crime in Australia and you can be prosecuted and punished with 15 years in federal prison.
  2. If any person uses the online platform to procure, groom and coerce any children below the age of 16 years into sexual practices.
  3. Sending mails and photos that tampers the fabric of decency.
  4. Uses Internet as a medium to lure children into sex related education.

How To Figure Out That Your Child Has Been Inflicted By Online Sexual Abuse?

  1. They would always prefer someone to be along with them, they are always apprehensive about being alone.
  2. They show traits of fear and panic with certain people.
  3. If they are sexually groomed at a tender age.
  4. If they are turning promiscuous.

If you witness any of these traits in your near and dear ones, in that case, you can effectively take the help of the law enforcement agencies to deal with this online crime.

Such kind of pursuit needs condemnation and if you want to actively participate to make this evil leave the society, for that, you can report to the federal agencies. So, if you want to know how to streamline that then just take a glance as the procedure and satiate yourself.

  1. The first and foremost thing to do is visit the Online Complaint Forum.
  2. If you are looking for immediate response as you have figured out that your near and dear ones are in immediate danger, you can call on 000.
  3. If you are witnessing any event that hover around Internet crime, in that case, you can call on 1800 333 000.

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