22 August 2014
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Investment is done to pay off. And when it’s done by enterprises and businesses for their infrastructure, no doubt, it’s not without reasons. They adopt technologies or switch to new platforms, after considerable brainstorming sessions and thorough interpretation of their impacts on the short and long run. They want to see the result in terms of return on investment (ROI). And that’s certainly the case with an ERP system. Today ERP solutions can integrate and handle financial account management, product planning, supply chain management, inventory management, supplier interaction and sales force automation.

Let’s see why Gartner a leading digital and marketing research and advisory firms pitched for cloud ERP shift, and asked enterprises to get rid of aging core ERP system.

Faster implementation

Management and setup of an ERP solution remains the sole responsibility of the corresponding vendor. Most solutions come preconfigured and can easily sync with a business’s existing network.  Faster and simpler setup process leads to a faster ROI since initial costs are lower.

Freedom to scale and grow

Businesses can cut down their TCOs (total cost of ownership) as they don’t need to invest on real hardware or software infrastructure. Don’t need to deploy an IT management team to handle them. The simple “pay as you go” model available with leading cloud enterprise resource planning service providers proves all redundant.  At one flat-fee they can keep their processes connected and people productive.

Freedom from IT constraints

Offers high-level security and privacy, ensures maximum server uptime, easy accessibility and integration. This ensures maximum workforce performance. For higher degree data integrity, businesses can build an internal cloud to have greater control on their data server.

Liberty to focus on core business

Cloud ERP clearly takes away the IT stress, integrates different processes of a business, and allows an entrepreneur to make the most of the market opportunities. Thus, he/she can focus on his/her core business profession – selling the products and services.

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