14 June 2013
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Be ready Blackberry lovers!!With new features, Blackberry 10.1 is releasing very soon. Well, the system is almost ready and undergoing final stages of beta testing. After this, the handset will be ready to charm its consumers. Techvedic is here to let you know about this new BlackBerry handset.

The most striking feature of this new Blackberry is HDR which is capable of taking three photos at different exposures of the same theme. As a result, the final image is either not under or overexposed. Additionally, it has the ability to paste phone numbers into the contact book. Being beginners, you can explore through pre-installed demos to learn more about the handset features and the operating system.

Want to know what’s new about this BlackBerry? Well, it is the only smartphone which has 100% touch operating system. In fact, touch screen Apple, Android and Windows phones also includes at least one physical home key for moving between apps and returning to previous menus. But, you won’t find any such key in BlackBerry handsets. Furthermore, you need to learn a specific set of swipes and other touches for accessing features. As per some users and reviewers, it is bit confusing to handle BlackBerry handset after using iPhone or Galaxy SIII.

Fine-tune app settings is also new in this to enable or disable the notifications and alerts. However, this is not the end. Michael Clewley, BlackBerry product manager, said in an interview that very soon some other advanced features would be added to the handset by the end of the year with 10.2 update. It is almost ready to go to software developers as well as app designers in June.

Now, you can add smiley faces to express your feelings, use multiple alarms for different events and days of a week as well as control notifications smartly. For those using Android or iOS handsets, this BlackBerry may not be very exciting. Apple has updated its operating system five times and Google is also not behind with 4.2.2 version of Android. Keeping up with the pace, BlackBerry released two major updates in just 12 months which reveals its intention to maintain the grip on the competitive market.

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