2 November 2015
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High resolution, touch-capacitive devices, powerful processors, high storage capacity, high-speed Internet connection—on the one hand, if these tech attributes are easing communication and collaboration and empowering consumers, then on the other, they are making the task of advertisers more challenging. However, there is one positive aspect as well that we will pick sometimes later to debate. The challenges that I’m referring to have emerged on account of deepening attention span of audience, which is a matter of concern for advertisers and marketers. According to a recent study by Microsoft, human’s attention span has reduced from 12 seconds to 8 seconds in past few decades. In the wake of the development, advertisers are in dire need of advanced digital marketing solutions to reach their audiences. Fortunately, the providers of business technology services like Techvedic are not constraint in that. Advertisers and marketers can find tailored marketing and advertisement solution backed by pro technology support services to meet their objectives.

Let’s take a look at the salient features of Techvedic powered digital advertising solution that helps marketers to target audiences with text, image, and video ads anywhere, anytime.

In-text Ads

Based on CPC (Cost-per-click) model, in-text advertising allows advertisers to embed links directly into the texts of the webpage content. Ads can be placed based on the content of the webpage so as to appeal to the readers and ensure maximum conversion. Thus, it allows advertisers to go global and reach users when they are most engaged, thereby countering the low attention span issue. Interestingly, the ad method demands the least budget. Advertisers can also select advanced targeting options and target users based on demographics, browsers, device and operating system, frequency of visitors and their behavior.

Full Page CPV (Cost-Per-View) Ads

Doing video-advertisement across different online channels receiving quality traffics has become easier than ever. It ensures maximum engagement and conversion. Advanced targeting options will add value to your ads, and at the same time help you keep a tab on the ad budget. Smart targeting on all devices, secure mechanisms and convenient self-service platform will help you outlive competitors.

Display Advertising

Know where your audience are, and accordingly place display ads across matching websites, forums, social media, and other platforms to ensure maximum views and conversions. We allow advertisers to display their ads in different formats like banner, site-under, slide-in, footer, interstitial, background and so on.

Our business technology services help you stay in control. Measure and track the performance of your advertisement campaign easily with the built-in conversion tracking and analytics tools. We do analysis and interpretation so that you don’t have to. Yes, the only task that remains with you is to make sales and serve customers.

Sounds interesting? If yes, get in touch with a Techvedic’s digital marketing consultant today and craft a successful marketing campaign to target audience at the right place and the right time.

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