7 December 2015
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Surpassing price and product factors, customer experience, by 2020, is likely to become a key brand differentiator, believe 70 percent of the Global Fortune 500 companies. Today, 94 percent customers like to deal with brands that are easily accessible, and 55 percent are eager to pay extra price to companies provided the latter are committed to build a positive social and environmental impact. The developments urge companies to invest in the right business technology services that can provide their operations with efficient channels of interaction with customers and let their people serve customers well, read and interpret customer behavior, and churn insights that can drive innovation and growth and help them counteract volatility and uncertainty effectively. And, interestingly, without any time-lag.

Keeping an eye on the customer’s expectation and behavior, we, at Techvedic, design and develop user-friendly and responsive CRM, e-Commerce framework, business communication solution, applications and other business technology solutions to let our partners have improved customer-experience management system.

To make customer-facing business technology services more purposeful, we integrate them with web-based automated self-service component. This, at times, requires blending two or more than two business technology solutions. For instance, the amalgamation of IVR with CRM has become a vogue and is used by different businesses, particularly those dealing in utility services, e.g. telecom, electricity and water supply, and more. Customers find it easier to access information that they want, place requests and lodge complaints, and even to get resolutions. Besides improving the front-end experience of customers, we have found that web-based self-service business technology services are helpful in reducing the operating costs of a business and increasing agility and accuracy in the service delivery.

Change is the only constant—the term is an overused one, but without any dilution, it holds its significance in the context of customer experience management. To help our partners understand preferences and expectations of their customers, we have equipped our business technology solutions with the Business intelligence (BI). Grabbing the right foresightedness at the right time, business heads can embark on right strategy building and planning to capture untapped opportunities. They can have a close watch on what is working and what’s not, and can make amendments at the right time.

Automation is another key ingredient of business technology services rendered by Techvedic. With this, we endeavor to lessen the burden of a workforce and, thus, allow them focus on their business goals. Interestingly, the automation works for us as well. It saves our time and resources in conducting tests and offering frequent software updates and upgrades to keep the IT infrastructure running at its best.

Interested in getting the right business technology services? If yes, get in touch with Techvedic today.

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