4 March 2014
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Talk to friends, listen to music, search for favorite places, send, read and reply to your messages, and do more while driving your car. Seems impossible, forget now.  Enjoy whatever available on your iOS devices by connecting it to your vehicle’s built-in entertainment system without yielding to the traffic rules. Apple has revamped its previous iOS in the Car (iOSitC) application to make it more responsive and useful. It can be controlled using the Siri voice control feature available with iOS or making use of the knobs, buttons, or touchscreen feature of your car’s built-in entertainment system. Thus, keep your eyes on the road, without missing calls, messages or music.

Apple announced of CarPlay at the Geneva International Motor Show this morning. With the use of docking connectors or new lightning connectors, iPhones and iPods can be connected to car stereos for exploring various features of an iPhone.

Features and Usability

You can easily see all the things of your iPhone on your car’s built-in display for getting directions, making calls, sending and receiving messages and listening music. All this is possible on the go. With just a word, touch or twist, you can control various things. For activating Siri Voice control, press and hold the voice control button available on the steering wheel. Also, you can use your car touchscreen for controlling CarPlay. Furthermore, CarPlay can work with knobs, dials or buttons in the car. Now, you can anticipate destination by using Apple Maps. It can tell you turn-by-turn directions, traffic conditions as well as estimated time for completing the journey. Earlier, when you get a call while driving, you have to stop the car for receiving the call. Well, here is the solution to this. You can receive calls, answer missed calls or listen to voicemail using the feature Siri. With Siri, you can also listen and dictate messages. Thus, make your journey more advanced with CarPlay. Music lovers don’t get disappointed as you can access songs, playlists and iTunes Radio using your car’s built-in controls. Also, just tell Siri what you want to do.

Enhancing power of travelers, CarPlay will be available in a selected number of vehicles like Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo starting this year. But, slowly more cars will be added to this list. Moreover, only iPhone 5, 5S or 5C owners can use this in-car system. Thus, driving, connectivity and entertainment – all comes at your disposal wherever you go.

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