We, at Techvedic, are poised to safeguard your business interests and revenue loss by curbing unnecessary chargebacks arising due to technical flaws with the payment processor, merchant or human-errors, and fraudulent activities or unauthorized card use. To make it happen, besides offering support in adopting a PCI-complaint gateway, we help you keep a full control on chargeback cases. Get a 360-degree view of all with online chargeback management system. The system keeps you updated about the chargebacks received, actions taken by your billing personnel, and the current status of every chargeback case.

How We Do

We discuss with you to understand the kind of chargebacks you receive. We investigate at different levels, encompassing various components, like payment processor, card issuer, card network (Visa, MasterCard, etc.), and also interact with your sales staff (that are technically involved in the payment processing) to understand the chargeback causes, and devise the right chargeback management system with the key objectives: check and resolve chargeback instances, increase business efficiency and simplify operational processes.

List of Chargeback Issues/Errors (But Not Limited To) That We Prevent

  • Requested transaction information not received
  • Requested / Required information illegible or missing
  • Warning bulletin file
  • Requested / Required authorization not obtained
  • Account number not on file
  • Transaction amount differs
  • Duplicate processing
  • Card not valid or expired
  • Fraudulent transaction

Note: Different card networks flash different error codes against particular chargebacks

Chargeback Management- A Way to Ensure Unrestricted Growth

Business comes across diverse risk and among these risks, one that has been the hardest to figure out is chargeback. Chargebacks are the amount that gets wrongly debited for bogus purchases and they are returned back to the card holder.

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