19 March 2015
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Those days when you used to put your advertisements on pink papers, pamphlets and your office telephone would go haywire with calls coming every now and then is long gone. Now-a-days, the consumers are riding on a technological sledge and they are looking for highly tech friendly platform for meeting with their pursuits, so no matter whether it is about a shopping spree or just for information, they are more inclined towards online platforms. So, technically speaking, if your business website is not online, in that case, you are losing a major chunk of your audience. Well, judging by your expression it seems that you don’t have e-commerce website and you are in no mood of hiring best e-commerce website builders to make your online website. Online website builder are excellent at making websites, so if you are reluctant to go for them, in that case, take a look at some of the SEO trends.

  1. Local Searches comprises of 20% of Internet searches and over 2.8 billion Google users are looking for a website online from where they can shop.
  2. 90% of the first time purchasers of goods and services are looking for reviews of the customers on the website of the business for figuring out the efficiency of the business.
  3. 70% of online searches are meant to figure out an offline business.
  4. 80% of the consumers that have figured out an offline business that suits their need will visit the shop within 24 hours.

These facts would blow your head off, however, they are not concocted or hyped, rather, they are reality and if you don’t have an online presence then you are missing those 2.8 billion numbers, so it depends on you what you want for your business. People want solutions rather than problems and maximum users are looking for products and services on their tablets, smartphones, pcs, IPAD. So, the importance of e-commerce website builder is imminent and proper responsive websites will help your business get digitally connected even at those times when your business is not physically active. There are innumerable e-Commerce website builders that have swarmed the market, however, not all are the best e-Commerce website builder. So, if you have decided after seeing the facts that your business too should have a web presence, in that case, you need to go for the best e-Commerce website builders and in this piece a way would be paved for selecting the best ones in the business

1.Skilled Team

Since this initiative of yours is to multiply your business prospects, so you will always want to have the best team of professionals adhering to all your whims and fancies. So, if they are having excellent knowledge about programming language, marketing strategies, in that case, their vision will be different and they can help you in designing the best e-Commerce website.

2.Follow Up

When you define best e-Commerce website builders, in that case, they don’t comprise of those professionals that make excellent websites, rather, those that are in continuous contact with the business even after the pursuit is met. So, follow the terms and condition of the contract, at the same time, it is a better thing to look for comments and reviews from the clients that have availed them. So, once they are doing that then they get to figure out the reputation of the company that they want to avail.

3.Local Company

When you are going for a provider, make sure that you choose the local providers. They best understand the local market and they can design the website in the best way. So, it will help you in attracting more customers in the pool

4.Customer Feedback

It is always profitable to resort to feedback, so if possible communicate with those that have posted their feedback on the website. So, once you do then you are always on a safe zone of getting the best website builder.

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