13 November 2015
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Besides regulating and monitoring NPA (Non-performance asset) and balance sheets, the players in the banking and financial sector are in the dire need to make their approach more inclusive, and services more tailored, easily accessible and secured than ever before. Interestingly, e-products and services are doing their part fairly well to let them stay ahead of times by serving customers better. ATMs (Automated Teller machines), mobile banking, phone banking, telebanking, ECS (Electronic Clearing Services), NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) and RTGS (Real Time Gross Settlement) among many others are so popular today that we can’t imagine our day without them. Financial technology (fintech) services have become quintessential resort to their needs, and so is the selection of right IT application outsourcing services provider. Adopting an analytical approach to this, Techvedic puts some light on the matter. Continue reading.

Naming the providers would be a biased take, hence, I thought of mentioning the vital components of IT applicant outsourcing services portfolio.

Application Development for User Engagement

We define, design and develop fintech applications that can withstand the evolving needs of our partners and make their services easily accessible to their end users. We focus on keeping the applications flexible, reliable and secure so that they can increase business value.

Application Management for Higher Availability

Availability, performance, capacity—we keep 24 by 7 vigil on applications and make sure that consumers don’t get disappointed on any of these fronts. Thus, we help our partners build a trustworthy relationship with their customers by keeping their services available at their commands. We also provide support for middleware platforms and technologies.

Application Modernization for Better User Experience

Innovation is always at the back of our mind. Our IT application outsourcing strategy evolves with changing times to make sure that services of the banks or financial institutions reach the customers and serve them in the manner they want. Our outsourcing portfolio involves web-enabling, re-engineering, re-hosting and componentization. We also help our partners to keep a tab on their operating costs.

Looking for IT application outsourcing services? If yes, feel free to get in touch with an IT consultation at Techvedic. Write to us at or just dial 1-855-772-3233 (Toll Free).

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