24 June 2015
Tech Support
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Right and wrong, true and false – we all have witnessed these kinds of tasks in our school days. Recall the moment, when you were rewarded and also when you were punished. Ever thought what were the determining factors in your approach? Obviously, it was just one – the confidence that got reflected to the teacher responsible for assessing you. Agreed? Folks, the schooldays practices are still relevant in life. Being a computer repair technician at  Techvedic, the tech support company that serves its customers across the US, the UK, Canada and Australia, I would today share some insights on choosing the right online tech support company for your PC.

Know about their pricing structure

To avoid any bait and switch experience, probe about the charges against corresponding technical support services. Some online tech support companies have a flat fee per service, others charge an hourly rate. For a novice, it would be ideal to go with the flat service, as in the latter there is chance that the technician may spend unnecessary time in resolving an issue just to hike the charges. Also, confirm about hidden and add-on charges, as they may give you a bitter experience at the end.

Understand their service warranties and refund policies

A reliable tech support vendor would focus more on service than on money. Generally, a reliable tech support company adopts a simply principle of “No Fix – No Charge”.  Such companies also offer service warranty, a kind of protection, to safeguard the interests of users. This means, from such vendors you can get free technical support for your PC, peripherals or whatever you got fixed earlier, in case you are not happy with the resolution.

Referrals can be a good way to find the best place

Referrals are the best thing that you can resort to. If you’re near and dear ones have taken the service from a tech support then ask from them and they would help find a new tech support company.

Read customer reviews shared through unbiased channels

If you are having a company that has best reviews, in that case, you will never end up regretting. Some reliable channels are,, and, besides many more.

Assess their accessibility

A reliable tech support company makes every effort to stay highly accessible to prospects and customers through multiple contact channels. Reach them via phone, email or chat. Find their local repair labs, and ask them anytime for on-site support, get support by any means as per your convenience. Apart from that, you must zero in on a provider that employs technicians who are really good in communicating with the customers. Apart from possessing soft skills and technical expertise, they should be morally good and adhere to the company’s code of conducts.

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One response on “Choosing the Right Online Tech Support Company for Your PC

  1. Micheall says:

    Thanks for sharing!!
    I was all this while going for manual tech support; however, after getting to know about the ways to get the best tech support company, I switched to an online tech support provider and the experience ended up positive for me.

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