25 November 2015
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Technical innovation, skilled workforce, and robust sales and marketing – scholars and business heads reckon all these aspects while finalizing the blue print of a business success story. Indeed, they are important, but there is something more important than all. Guess? It’s the alignment of technology with business needs to make sure that all others can be streamlined to deliver result with desired values. To materialize that, an aspiring entrepreneur must take refuge of a reliable business technology services provider. If you are on such a quest, then here is a must-follow guide by the technology consultant team of Techvedic.

Assess the technical expertise of a vendor

The provider must possess a strong business acumen to address the operational challenges both existing and near-future ones. Ask for the complete details of the business technology services that you are interested into, but don’t get swayed by the features and advantages claimed by the vendor. Know about the technology consultancy experience and project implementation experience of a vendor, and then mull on that how projected features will benefit your people and let them carry on their jobs in a better way. Will they improve efficiency of your business?

Look for the testament

Access case studies of existing partners of a vendor and assess the pre and post situation of the operation or the company. Don’t superficially examine backgrounds, factors and results. Estimate total cost of ownership, return on investment and business values proposed with the business technology services that you are heading to. Go deep and look for tangible results as how business technology services steered the business or operation in the question at different phases, particularly, when it was at a tipping point or undergoing a crisis.

Understand difference between essential and non-essential

As part of a marketing strategy or so-called gimmick, a vendor can offer bundled services. But it’s up to you — what to keep and what to discard and what to keep in the pipeline – considering the short and long term business objectives. Don’t overburden your total cost of ownership merely for the sake of getting the offer at cheap dirt prices. Remember, ability and capability without usage are nothing but a liability, and there is a greater chance of them getting misused in the absence of due management.

Take note of the post-sales services

Don’t get dazzled with the instant lucrative offers. Will your vendor stand beside you when the adopted technology business services go haywire? Being an entrepreneur means becoming a visionary. Make sure that technical support services from your vendor are always there whenever you or your staff need them.

Look into the grievance redressal system

If there is any commitment failure or betrayed of trust, you often get disappointed. But being an entrepreneur, it’s no more a personal aspect. It affects your entire stakeholders including employees, partners and customers. Hence, before inking any deal, make sure that your technology partner has the appropriate grievance redressal mechanism.

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