22 June 2015
PC Optimization
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Computer optimization is the buzz word in the technology industry. According to Google, the search giant, globally around 480 people search for the phrase or similar ones on a monthly basis. If you were too looking for the same, your search must end here. Now you can possess the best PC optimization software without paying a single penny. I can understand that it isn’t a matter of surprise, because nowadays the web is flooded with free PC optimization software that are high on promise but low in actions. But this taboo is going to change forever with TunePRO360 by Techvedic.

The software was not built overnight, neither we are offering a mundane one with basic features, rather it’s a result of years of endurance, and experience that we garnered through our technical support platform by serving over 100, 000 computer users across the globe. We have furnished it with all the essential PC repair and maintenance tools that would keep your system always in the brand new state. Yes, the age is just a number. Don’t just believe but watch and experience it on your own. Compatibility? We have designed it for the majority – the Windows Users who make almost 90 per cent of the computer users. Yes, all Windows users from Vista to Windows 8.1 can download it on their desktops, laptops or tablets. What else would they get apart from speed or enhanced performance? It scans and removes obsolete or unwanted data, files, profiles, temporary files, and many more that not just slow down but eat up the system resources. Thus, with TunePRO360 in place, expect more memory and storage space to give space to all that matters in life. Simultaneously, with an organized and clutter-free hard disk you would enjoy stable performance every now and then to work, connect, and entertain.

At Techvedic, our software testing department found overwhelming response from the PC optimization tool. We tested it across desktops and laptops with different configurations. System booting time was reduced to 50 per cent from the original. Likewise, on a 1000 GB hard disk, we found 65 GB extra space after the scanning was achieved. Internet speed went up by 25 per cent and gaming performance by 40 per cent. Based on the number of slow computer problems that we receive in a year, we can say that the software would reduce the PC maintenance cost by 40 per cent annually.

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