Techvedic provides end-to-end cloud computing solution to its partners, right from consulting to deployment, to migration, to environment build and management. Objective? To empower them transform their operations or ways of doing business by leveraging IT. Our cloud computing solutions embrace diversity. From productivity to communication and collaboration, to security and backup, we offer matching solutions for every purpose. Being hosted on data centers complying global standards, our cloud computing services ensure 99.95 per cent availability to keep dependent technology components like infrastructure, applications, processes, policies, and more running with maximum agility. Increased flexibility and scalability are inherent properties helping organizations to withstand their changing needs.

How We Do

Identifying its needs, we help an organization to adopt the right cloud computing solution. We facilitate migration strategy and roadmap understanding potential challenges for successful shifting from the existing on-premise IT infrastructure to cloud-hosted one. We identify the core security issues associated with every touchpoint and provide end-to-end vendor-agnostic consulting and security solution.

Types of Cloud Computing Service

  • Cloud consulting services
  • Cloud development and assurance service
  • Cloud deployment and migration service
  • Cloud environment build
  • Cloud management service
  • Disaster recovery cloud service (DRaaS)

Telecom’s Cloud Shift: Driving Factors

Doing business in the 21st century is filled with loads of challenges and if you are not prepared for them, you can get yourself ousted from the league. Communication follows different aspects but the bottom-line for all is same— message and satisfaction.

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