27 October 2014
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The more we grow the more we have to endure pain in adaptation, this is one of the fundamentals of the evolution, which we all have read in school days. It’s true for every entrepreneur, irrespective of avenues or endeavors that he or she pursues with. Some challenges could be anticipated ones while some could be of the first of their kinds that were never ever contemplated. Even if potential solutions are available round the corner, then there is a dilemma as in which direction to go with, whether it will be able to bring some respite in pain. Today the adoption of new CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is entangled with more or less the same set of challenges.

However, where there is a will there is a way. The present Techvedic blog points out those challenges and suggests ways to overcome that.

Understanding CRM

Most of the times, business heads do a common mistake by perceiving CRM as a software asking just setup, installation and update. Contrary, it should be considered as a business philosophy reading detailed strategy as how to keep customer-facing departments like sales, marketing, customer service, etc. united and progressive to reach business goals.

Getting clarity on objectives

What business needs a business head wants to accomplish by deploying CRM? It should be clear in the manifesto. Whether it would be used to serve a specific role in sales or marketing, or to give real-time account specific information (from a database) to subscribed customers or similar others. Zeroing in on the business’ core needs and the current strategy, one should go with the right fit.

Choosing the right fit

Though there is no dearth of CRM or cloud-based CRM providers today, it’s utmost to choose the right CRM that empowers your people to stay productive and give the WOW experience to customers at the same time. The chosen CRM should be easy to learn and use, and entrepreneurs must give attention towards offering training to employee regarding the new IT entrant. Their feedbacks must be entertained at every level and that should be used to customize the applied CRM.

Implementing CRM

Integrating the new CRM solution with the existing customer database is the main challenge as there is no plug-n-play concept here. Inconsistencies might occur while migrating customers’ data stored in various database silos or applications. Both executives and managements at every level should have a 360-degree view of the customers’ data. New integration should facilitate smooth and uninterrupted flow of information among different processes or departments. For successful result and avoid any goof-ups, the CRM adoption should happen in stages. Entrepreneurs should first go with limited CRM users, and extend it gradually on comprehensive level after finding its worth.

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