18 November 2014
technical support
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Here are some tech support interview questions with answers. Go through them for a short reference.

Q #1 Why device drivers are used?

A #1 Basically, the device drivers are the specialized software needed for proper functioning of hardware components.

Q #2 What do you mean by USB?

A #2 USB stands for Universal Serial Bus, and USB’s are found to have 2.0 as their latest version. It is used for connecting different computer peripherals without turning of the device.

Q #3 Which is the latest CPU versions you have worked on?

A #3 There are many computer processors I have good hands on. And the latest processors I have used are Intel Pentium Quad Core Intel I3, I5 & I7.

Q #4 What do you understand by hard disk partitioning?

A #4 For improved space management in the internal memory of a device, hard disk is partitioned into smaller segments considering the data storage needs. Every part of the disk is used as a separate disk for using and managing various file systems on each of them.

Q #5 So, what will you check, if the audio system in your PC isn’t working well?

A #5 There are many things you need to check, but in the first place, check speaker volume and the cable connections. If everything is fine, you should check the power supplied to the device drivers and the speakers.

Q #6 What are the different lights shown on the Modem/ LAN card & what are their indications?

A #6 There are four main types of lights present & they indicate following functions:

Link light: It indicates whether the modem is receiving Internet signals from ISP or not.

Power light: It shows power ON mode.

Connectivity light: It indicates when modem is connected to the PC.

Data light: It shows Internet is working properly.

Q #7 What is DNS used for?

A #7 Domain Name Services used for translating domain names into IP addresses.

Q #8 What is DHCP?

The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol is used for assigning dynamic IP address with network devices to let them have different IP address whenever connected to the network.

Hopefully, these tech support interview questions will help you somewhere get through. There is lot more to share. Drop any of your queries below. We will definitely try to answer ASAP.

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