7 January 2014
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The floor is set for technology freaks to explore plethora of new consumer technology products. Consumer Electronics Show is the mega store offering global platform to all varieties of technology products. This international spectacular event is taking place in Las Vegas from January 7-10, 2014. So, what are you waiting for?? Get ready to unveil the hidden layers of this magical event. Here Techvedic is bringing the latest updates of CES.

Have Fun Kids!

Hats off to innovation! The makers of AR Drone, Parrot, are presenting two new toys that are named as MiniDrone and Jumping Sumo. MiniDrone is with large wheels and can be controlled using an iPhone app. And, Jumping Sumo has two wheels extra as well as accelerometer and a gyroscope to drive all over the floor.

Enjoy Gesture-based gaming

Now, here is something exciting for gamers. PrioVR are showing their full- and half-body game controller suits in CES that work using motion-capture technology to provide you more accuracy. This controller will be available on PCs and very soon the company will try to make it available for consoles also.

Smartwatch for fashion-conscious consumers

This time MetaWatch has come with something that can appeal fashionable consumers. Meta, designed by Frank Nuovo, is made up of high-quality leather to look good and its entire design is well-constructed so as to suit your casuals.

Conquer the road with i-Road

At CES, you can get a test derive of this marvelous car designed by Toyota. I-Road is scary, adventurous and a very challenging vehicle. It can react quickly to your slight movements.

Huge round of applause for LG

LG is bringing the TV software called LG’s webOS for LG TVs. It is the promising OS that can provide less cluttered interaction between user and TV. Another big surprise of LG is UHDTV which is good in technical terms. But, to overcome this UHDTV LG has also revealed OLED TV with engrossing picture quality.

Smartwatch with sporty feel

The Pebble Steel is here in the CES 2014 with its steel chassis for giving you a more appealing look. You are getting choices with color between steel grey and black. Almost all the internal parts are unchanged but the outside design is completely modified and amazing.

Michael Bay is getting emotional

On January 6, in the press event of CES, the super-action director Michael Bay had become a little emotional while he was about to talk regarding new curved 105-inch UHDTVs.

Time for smartphone lovers!

On January 22, Sony is going to launch Xperia Z1S with 5-inch screen, 1080p display, 2GB of RAM, 20.7-megapixel camera and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor. It has Sony’s custom interface and apps.

Another master piece in the line of computers

In CES, Valve has announced the new entry known as the Steam Machines. This Alienware’s Steam Machine, having the size of a small game console, will be priced like Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Access Android and Windows on the same device

There is one more surprise in CES from Intel. This is the dual OS computers that can run both Android and Windows. Isn’t it interesting? Of course it is.

But, this is not the end yet. This journey of CES is holding back a lot more for you. Stay tuned with Techvedic for further updates regarding CES 2014.

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