13 January 2014
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Saluting innovation of the technology world, the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 brought action cameras, Xperia Z1S, LG’s web OS, Toyota’s i-Road and much more. And, Techvedic is here again to focus on the eye-catching and awe-inspiring gadgets.

Crystal Cove- Motion-tracking Prototype
With the high definition OLED display, this Crystal Cove Oculus Rift has used a technique called low-persistence-of-vision to see images more precisely – approximately equalizing 12 K pixel resolution. Lower latency and positional tracking facilitated by surrounding LEDs and built-in camera make gaming more exclusive.

Make Driving More Interesting!
This week Audi has entered the CES with demos of several high-tech cars. The strangest one is an automated car that can manage your speed in the traffic and detect lane markers. Also, it will drive your attention if you fall asleep in the car.

Safeguard yourself with iPhone case
With Yellow Jacket iPhone case, you can turn your device into a self-defense weapon. Also, you can double the battery life of your iPhone. It will cost you around $149 and produce 950,000 volts and 1.3 milliamps.

Enhance your Gaming Experience with Aorus X7
Gigabyte is offering a laptop enclosed in an aluminum casing with 6.4 pounds weight, two fans and four vents. Also, it has two subwoofers, two tweeters, two HDMI outputs, and two USB 3.0 ports. At the end of February, it will be available in the US. Aorus X7 is a complete gaming brand that offers everything you need. This gaming laptop can be a great choice for all game lovers as they will get multiple SSD and HDD options for terrific storage and gaming experience.

Be More Fashionable with Wearable Gadgets
In the Consumer Electronics Show 2014, you can see the collaboration of tech industry and fashion industry to make wearable gadgets more beautiful so as to enhance your look. For example, Netatmo June bracelet with appealing looks can be used to track your sun exposure. We have already discussed about the Pebble Steel smartwatch and MetaWatch.

The Wonderful Gizmos of Oz
With the theme of “The Wonderful Gizmos of Oz”, the CES have become the stage for all characters like the Wicked Witch of the West, the munchkins, the Tin Man, the scarecrow and the lion. All these characters charged the CES 2014 atmosphere.

This is not the end. Wait for the final day look of the Consumer Electronics Show. Stay tuned with Techvedic for further updates.

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