13 January 2014
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Adventurous journey of the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 in Las Vegas is over now. It’s time to bid goodbye to the electronic show for this year. If you have missed this international tech extravaganza then Techvedic is here to bring it alive.

This year CES was tremendously amazing. Sony has topped the event with its innovation; products like PlayStation Now, cloud TV service, Xperia Z1 and many more stand out in their respective category. With all these innovations, Sony has not only proved its existence in CES 2014 but given a roaring message to rivals.

Netflix-Changing the way of Entertainment

Netflix is working with a host of TV manufacturers so as to bring 4K content into the home. This will definitely change the complete TV business.

Technology overcoming injury

Using an exoskeleton paralyzed person can stand up and walk around. This is miraculous. At CES, there was a 39-year-old Alaska native and snowmobile enthusiast who had lost control of his lower body in a training accident way back in 2010. But, with the wearable robot Ekso this man could stand up on his own feet. This system has been promoted in CES 2014. By the buttons on the crutches, one can control the mobility of the system. Already almost 50 of the devices have been sold to hospitals and rehabilitation centers at $100,000 per suit. Along with this, Ekso Bionics, the company is developing devices to meet the requirements of military and heavy industry like HULC that would empower warfighters to go easy with heavy ammunitions.

Now, as CES is over let’s discus what are the best things that CES has displayed this year:

  1. Talking about the best phone, it is none other than Sony Xperia Z1 with incredible features specs.
  2. When it comes to best tablet, CES gave the answer with ThinkPad 8 with impressive build and several specs. It can be connected to separate monitor, keyboard and mouse. At just $399, you are getting value for money tablet.
  3. PlayStation Now was a grand surprise for us in CES which has given all technology lovers a different picture of gaming technology. In fact, you can call it a progressive step towards future of gaming.
  4. URB-E has proved as a good vehicle which is fast, maneuverable, and lightweight. Also, it can be used a personal transportation.
  5. TV lovers can go for 4K TVs starting at just $999.99 to give a different look to their living rooms.
  6. Smartwatch lovers can go for Pebble Steel which is appealing in its look as well as stylish.
  7. The best sound system could be SAMSUNG MX-HS8500 GIGA with quality speakers.

Well, this is not all and a lot more things were in action on the floor of CES 2014. Techvedic has attempted to cover this major event in a proper sequence. Hope you liked it.

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