8 January 2014
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January 8, the second day of Consumer electronics show and it is still thrilling the technology empire. As we have promised, Techvedic is here again to give you the latest updates of CES. 

It’s time to click some action!

Along with surprising us with Socialmatic, the company is displaying off the line of four action cameras which include 35-mm cube camera called the C3. This camera contains amazing features with 1280 x 720 and 640 x 580 resolution and images with 5 megapixels. It has 2MB of internal storage so that you can save images easily.


Pay using your palm

PulseWallet is another innovation of technology that can scan your palm and then pairs it with the credit card you have swiped. After pairing, you can pay with your credit card by holding your hand over any PulseWallet terminal.

Mophie Space Pack- Double battery life and Storage

Mophie Space pack, entering CES this time, can double the battery life of iPhone 5 or 5S as well as storage capacity of it. Now, you can perform the day-to-day activities without worrying about the battery life of your iPhones.


Enjoy games on any device!

Sony has announced its PlayStation Now, the cloud gaming technology, which can work in TVs, consoles and phones. Also, PlayStation Now supports online multiplayer, trophies and messages.


Entertainment on Cloud

Yes, it is possible now with Sony’s cloud based TV service that can offer television, video on-demand and DVR in the cloud. You can search any video content over cloud.


Take a test drive with BMW self-drifting car

BMW has announced its self-drifting car in CES. Practically, it sounds strange. But, this is true as BMW gave a demo of this self-drifting car. But, BMW researchers have designed the car to navigate on that track only. Thus, according to them fully automated cars are still very far.


The first two days of CES are remarkable as new products and ideas are blooming in every moment. There are so many companies coming with their products to give something extraordinary to all technology lovers. Asus has proved its existence in CES with its new PadFone and quad-mode laptop. Also, Yahoo announced about its new apps and magazines.

Well, the show is still going on. Let’s see what surprises are yet to come!

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