In the faced-paced technology world, where we say change is the only constant, cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT) and analytics are defying the stereotype. Perhaps, this is what one can conclude after going through the lists of top 10 technology trends by Gartner published in the year 2013, and again in 2015. Their unswerving position is just a hallmark on their immense capabilities that they carry to change the world for a better tomorrow.

At Techvedic, we don’t see them separately. We converge them together to build an agile, flexible and secure IT infrastructure to help businesses derive the best from the emerging technologies. We serve clients across different industries – Information Technology, High-tech, telecom and media and advertising are a few to name.

IT Management Consulting

Our IT consulting services help in opting the right technology platforms, services and solutions and ways to reduce TCO (total cost of ownership) and improve business efficiency with better utilization of IT resources, data and manpower.

Enterprise Computing & Cloud Services

Our IT services are instrumental in centralizing the data center harnessing the built-in virtualization capability of the server operating system. This eases the accessibility of data, improves collaboration and makes business operations faster.

Infrastructure Security

Our IT solution featuring better planning, preparedness and resilience helps businesses to mitigate IT risk and data breaching and comply with the regulator’s protocols to ensure trustworthy relationship with stakeholders at all levels.

Network & Convergence

We help our partners to make their IT infrastructures more competent to cope with the existing and emerging business demands. We empower their people to make the most of the disrupting trends like mobility, social web, virtualization and analytics and deliver more.

Remote Infrastructure Management

We help partners to successfully manage their dispersed offices, networks and people without being failed. This helps in improving workforce and business’s efficiency and avoid any potential threats.

Workplace Services

With our IT services, we help our partner build a flexible, scalable and cost-effective computing environment. We focus on keeping operational complexity at bay thereby enabling end-users to contribute their best by being focused on their core jobs.

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