18 June 2015
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95 per cent of the leads generated by a business fail to meet their destiny. It may sound shocking but is a fact that is responsible to bring down the business ROI (return on investment), because lead generation isn’t happening free of cost. Any guess how much it costs? According to McKinsey & Company, globally businesses are shelling out $1 trillion in their marketing endeavors to reach out to their prospects, and if the discussed fact has its way, only 5 per cent of that investment is bringing tangible result, the rest is going down the drain simply. Yes, there is something rotten in the state of Denmark, and hence, a drastic change is required in the customer acquisition strategy, if a business wants to survive in this highly competitive world. Keeping this in mind, Techvedic has developed OneCRM – a cloud-enabled customer relationship management solution that drives customer acquisition, keeping the acquisition cost at low. How? You are right, through customer engagement.

OneCRM solution is an attempt to leverage the dominating IT forces like computing anywhere, Internet of Things (IOT), and social media but without ignoring the conventional methods. That is why, OneCRM solution holds compatibility with all business models from In-Store to Online. Drive sales at your brick-n-mortar stores through responsive and reliable order processing, tracking and delivery systems in place. The customer relationship syncs well with the backend operations like inventory management and billing teams. Likewise, e-Commerce vendors can use the CRM software to engage with online searchers and prospects with effective multi-channel sales and marketing strategies. This is getting instrumental in allowing them to reach their target audiences through paid advertising channels (like AdWords), free organic search engine listings, emails and social media (through Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads or Promoted Tweets). Depending upon the preference of the audience, a business can strategically channelize its resources to drive sales through quality lead generation and conversion.

Through targeted marketing features, OneCRM solution is helping businesses to reduce their acquisition costs, and at the same time stay effective to reap emerging opportunities thereby pushing the ROI bar. Interestingly, the deeper customer engagement model benefits not in terms of increased sales but also in improved customer satisfaction and brand loyalty. This is an important development, because business is not just about achieving success anyhow, it’s about maintaining the success momentum and writing the success saga, which needs consistent and ethical approach with due perseverance.

Through OneCRM, the developer is not forcing organizations or clients to get their business models fit into it, rather it’s offering customized and flexible solutions that can withstand the dynamics of customer-brand relationship.

Partners can get in touch with a Techvedic consultant to get a perfect CRM solution designed that knows the needs and interests of their customers and allows them to collaborate in the right way – not just to meet them but exceed flamboyantly.

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