Techvedic designs agile yet reliable and scalable cloud-enabled customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for startups, businesses and government organizations. We have experienced software developers with the competence to work with all trusted platforms or technologies. Our CRM solutions help them to develop stronger customer relationship and increase brand loyalty by understanding customer behavior better.

How We Do

Centralizing customer’s records and information, we help our clients to gain the transparency and actionable insights from anywhere, anytime. We keep workflows connected across multi-channel communication platforms. For instance, a customer support representative can access all information – profile, requests, complaints, status and preferences – pertaining to a customer before responding to him or her.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions

  • Telecom CRM
  • Aviation customer experience solution
  • Retail CRM
  • Citizen services solution
  • Banking CRM
  • Insurance CRM
  • Hospitality CRMn
  • Agriculture CRM
  • Utility service CRM
  • Other industry CRM

Why OneCRM is the Remedy for Business Challenges?

This research is directed towards unravelling the repercussions of CRM in transforming the business prospects.

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