1 July 2013
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Discover New Windows 8.1 with Advanced Features


Heard about the entry of Windows 8.1?? Well, as a technology freak I am sure you would be aware of the news. After the mixed reviews of Windows 8, Microsoft is about to launch Windows 8.1 officially by the end of 2013. This news was quite expected from Microsoft when CEO Steve Ballmer took the stage at the annual BUILD developers conference that concluded in San Francisco. Come and explore the features of Windows 8.1 with Techvedic.

If your system is currently running Windows 8 then you can download a preview edition of the new operating system to stay up to date with the changes. Here are some noticeable features of Windows 8.1:

  1. High-resolution display support – This updated software allows automatic expansion or contraction of icons and page furniture so as to match the connected display resolution and size, a feature certain to woo the tablet users.
  2. Photosynth – With the help of panoramic photography, joining of smaller images together to create one panoramic whole can be possible.
  3. Cataloguing apps – In Windows 8, it is not possible to see all the apps installed in a unified list. But now the problem is resolved in Windows 8.1. In this, you can view the unified list of installed apps elegantly.
  4. The Start button – It is slightly different from the start buttons of the older version. In Windows 8, clicking on Start pull up a start menu from the task bar which expands in outward sections whereas in Windows 8.1, ‘Start’ opens a start page.
  5. 3D printing – Now, companies that are looking forward to make consumer-focused 3D printers will be able to use Microsoft’s official, supported code to write printer drivers for their products.

Therefore, this advanced Windows 8.1 is much more appealing than Windows 8.

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