4 June 2015
PC Optimization
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Are you interested in experiencing the best performance of your PC? Are you feeling exhausted after downloading different types of speed optimizers? Clean up & speed up your PC with PC Optimizer, but they are a costly proposition. Let’s see how Stephen figured out the mess.  One day when I was at my porch, he just walked to my door with a sad face, I was anxious to know the reason why a bright and jovial man like him is wearing such a faded face. He narrated that his PC has terribly slowed down and he is completely clueless about what to do. Since, it was the end of the month and he was not having enough money left, he couldn’t go for tech support service or opt PC optimization software. Now-a-days, you can get free pc optimization tools, but in reality how effective they are is hard to figure out. You are also at times not aware about best free PC tune up tools that can help fix the system instantly. So, to clean the PC up, you can resort to this D-I-Y method, and if this doesn’t satisfy you, in that case, you can definitely resort to any tech support expert for resolve.

So, take a look at few of the ways that you can employ and optimize the PC performance overnight.

Step 1
Try to get rid of the files and data that is stored in the source drive for the operating system and also cleanup the desktop.
Step 2
Make sure that background program are not running, to stop them you can go to the “Task Manager” and stop the programs that have slowed down the system performance.
Step 3
Make sure that not two antivirus are installed in the system, and if they are installed then get rid of them. They would impact the system performance and make it terribly slow.
Step 4
Make sure that you are not using any software that automatically sends information to their servers for update. You must get rid of such software to optimize the system performance.
Step 5
You can get rid of the temp files, cookies and caches by giving the following command. Go to the Windows Start menu and in the run prompt type “%temp%” and press enter, select the files refelecting on the screen and opt for delete option to get rid of those files. In the next step, again write in the run prompt “Temp”  and get rid of the files that shows after the prompt.

So, once you have done with all these steps, in that case, you can be certain that your PC runs fast as light.

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