23 May 2013
Social Networking
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Drifting Technology-People Relationship


“Feeling low today”, “Really feeling energetic,”… these are some common status updates frequently posted on Facebook, and the mania may have not left you untouched too. The current Techvedic blog is a disclosure on technology-people relationship.

But, have you ever questioned your action? If not yet, ask now. This is the time when you need to think about the matter seriously. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter, Orkut, YouTube or any other, all are impacting your lives collectively. And, each and everything beyond limit is harmful.

Whether you are feeling low or energetic, it is definitely not a matter of public concern. Today, everything is a public issue whether it is a broken relationship or a personal feeling. Just ask a simple question to yourself. Can you go on without your cell or laptop even one day? If you answered no then must give it a second thought. Technology has arrived to make your life simpler. But, you are making it an addiction, don’t you??

Actual feelings and emotions have vanished away after the arrival of social networking sites, mobile apps like Whatsapp, and other herd of SMS platforms. Instead of face-to-face conversations, you are getting involved in cell phone which hinders the development of trust and closeness among family and distant peers. Also, you find confrontation easier through Internet rather face-to-face.

Recently, communication technology has advanced a lot. Therefore, it enables billions of people to connect over long distances. This social interaction is influencing personal interaction to a great extent because people prefer to call or text instead of meeting someone personally. Consequently, this creates distance in hearts. By evaluating the relationship quality due to the presence of mobile communication devices, you can feel that to which extent digital world is affecting our closeness, connection and conversation with our dear ones. And, at the end it is badly interfering with human relationship which is absolutely wrong. Sometimes talking through emails suffers delay answering. This creates conflicts in professional as well as personal relationships.

In order to maintain the sweetness of your relation, you need to use technology less. Understand the fact that technology is just an alternative, not an only option to interact.

So, let’s redefine the technology-people relationship, and that’s possible when we clearly understand the difference between virtual and real world.

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