26 August 2014
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Believe it or not, Internet has also become a convenient pathway for viruses and spyware. You might be addicted to this fascinating world, sometimes being oblivious of the silent risks that it bore. Hackers try to infiltrate into your system and steal personal information for illicit usage. As the name suggests, Spyware is referred as any application that works in a hidden manner to track your computing activities – browsing, banking, shopping, socializing and so on. Secondly, it can damage your computer by eating its resources. Resultantly, you face issues like slow PC, overheating, freezing, etc.

Follow the below given steps to remove spyware:

  1. Run Combofix and then delete it.
  2. Start Internet Explorer and go to “Tools” > “Windows Update” to run Windows Update or click “Start” and go to Run. Paste “%SystemRoot%system32wupdmgr.exe” there. Windows updates can secure your system against these malicious threats.
  3. Download and install an antispyware program.
  4. If prompted, update definition files.
  5. Reboot your computer with “Safe Mode.”
  6. Scan your system.
  7. Remove the spyware, if found.
  8. Restart and scan your system again.
  9. If antispyware program is not enough to remove the spyware then scan with the AntiVirus program. You can ask your Internet service provider if they provide any security software.

Above mentioned steps can surely help you in getting rid of these spywares. Remember, computer is at the verge of risk as long as it is connected with Internet. Therefore, it is essential to protect your finances, personal details, etc. from being hacked. In order to prevent the attack of spyware, you should be careful while downloading software, music or anything from Internet. Read all the required details before proceeding towards downloading. Also, don’t open the links or email attachments from unknown people. Take these precautions to stay protected and secure.

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