22 July 2013
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No one is going to rule the computing empire for ever. At least what the analysts at Gartner believe. Yes, the battle PC Vs. Tablet would be a thing of past by the next year with the latter eclipsing the former (synonymous to desktop).

In the first quarter of 2013, PC shipments hit 79.2 million units lowered by 11.2 percent than the last year in the same period, which was to the tune of 80 million. It happened uniformly throughout the world with the steepest decline recorded in the EMEA region. Expressing the reasons, Mikako Kitagawa, principal analyst at Gartner, says, “Consumers are migrating content consumption from PCs to other connected devices, such as tablets and smartphones. Even emerging markets, where PC penetration is low, are not expected to be a strong growth area for PC vendors.”

The heat was experienced by all noted PC vendors – HP, Dell, Acer, Samsung, etc. –as shown in the report. Thus, the gloomy days are about to start for the veteran PC, which remained an epitome of computing for an era. What should be blamed for? Yes, it’s none other than your favourite Internet, which as a wizard fostered the concept of “global village”, and made computer data accessible from anywhere anytime surpassing all technology and natural barriers.

In the wake of the changing consumers’ behavior, all brands or computer manufacturers have embraced the new culture to survive in the market. Intel’s ultrabook definition served as a great feed for manufacturers, and that was witnessed in full panorama – best tablet, best ultrabook, best laptop, and best smartphone – in the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 concluded at Las Vegas. The same show in 2013 also went in tandem with that, and with the catalysts Microsoft’s Windows 8 and new mobile operating systems from Android, enough experiments were done with the touch-based products. Advanced Near Field Technology breathed a new life into the world of embedded connected devices, and technology came out of the periphery of productivity and communication tools to let people do more with less efforts.

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