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What your customer wants? They just want to be listened and served on time. Being a business entrepreneur, if you can’t afford to provide it, he or she will simply move away to someone else firing you straightaway, no matter how important the position you hold. Whether it’s providing after sales customer service, entertaining or responding a request or complaint, or proactively approaching to customers or trying to build a trustworthy relationship, responsive communication provides the requisite platform. See how customer relationship management (CRM) solutions from Techvedic can help you boost the customer satisfaction quotient.

Automate Data Flow and Stay Productive
Find time to focus on the core business profile – sales, marketing, customer service, and technical support or whatever you do the best – and strategize and plan well to act on time for the maximum outcome, because our CRM can do the rest to make sure that requisite data or information are available to authorized departments or persons in your business thereby helping them with informed decision making.

Go Mobile and Entertain Customers Anywhere
Change is the only constant. Hence to sustain and create a niche of yours in the dynamic business ecosystem, engage with customers wherever you are using our CRM solutions on your iPad, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry devices. Track contact history of existing consumers, find customers nearby and explore sales opportunities, create tasks and much more even if you are not physical present in your office.

Track your Sales Activities
Have a 360-degree view of your sales cycle at a glance from identifying the prospect customers, analyzing what kind of products/services they already have, what product/service attributes that they are interested in, why should they entertain your products/services, closing a deal, and taking potential reference with our CRM solution. Simultaneously, evaluate the strengths and weakness of your sales staff, and better streamline your sales processes in future.

Connect with your Customers
Opportunities are in the air, just you need to grab them at the right time. All you need is to engage with the right prospects over the phone, email, chat or social media but with due courtesy. And our CRM solutions can help with all. Track customers’ call history, involve with them in conversation on social media through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles right inside your CRM and build better customer relationships.

After-sales Customer Service
Provide accurate support with reduced response times using an integrated knowledge base, use the appropriate escalation matrix to serve valued customers, check customer churn and track customer satisfaction using our informed CRM solutions to acquire the brand image. Above all, stay on top of your support team’s performance with real-time case data delivered directly to your CRM dashboard.

Partner Relationship Management
Have a crystal clear view and control of what and how your channel partners are performing. Track marketing campaigns, lead management, sales forecasting, pipeline management, order processing, and partner commissions and royalties by collaborating with partner activates with your in-company CRM and order management in a single application. Thus, empower your partners to do more and thrive in your channel.

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