22 September 2014
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Customer relationship management (CRM) has become a tougher affair, particularly in the era of globalization that has spruced up competition and offered a wider choice to consumers. Customers today want more personalized services than ever. Whether its sales, marketing or customer service, customers don’t want to stay in queue to get their request processed. They want everything in a lightning fast speed. The trend is fostering businesses and enterprises towards cloud-based CRM services that bring better collaboration at workplaces and beyond against the traditional on-premise or legacy CRM solution.

If Gartner has its way then by 2015 more than 50 percent of CRM solutions will be cloud or S-a-a-S (Software as a Service)-based, and will reach a maximum 80% to 85% by 2025. Among various takers, marketing is the one to lead followed by e-commerce and customer service and support. Understanding the demand, Techvedic, the leading Information and Communication Technology (ICT) enterprise, has stepped into the CRM development, integration and deployment vertical.

Techvedic CRM solutions are meant to enhance the business processes in order to serve customers faster. This allows a business to engage more effectively with its customers the way they want. The CRM integrates well with the Microsoft Office 365 productivity and collaboration tools. With already-familiar Microsoft Office tools workforces can take productivity to a whole new level.

Techvedic CRM is easy to adopt, and interestingly, it syncs with different operating systems across PCs, mobile devices and browsers, thereby allowing professionals to collect leads, process requests and serve customers from anywhere, anytime. They can work seamlessly online or offline with anywhere access to information and applications and collaborate with peers inside and outside of an organization to have consensus and informed decision making based on the latest business insights.

Everything in Techvedic CRM service is about being more efficient and do more in less time. It can manage unlimited clients and leads across different business departments with its strong lead management system. It’s ultra-fast search system can be used to track customers using any one of the field entries, viz. name, company, state, all phone numbers, URL, emails, related to, referrals, keywords, products, etc. There are multiple tools to navigate fast among contacts. Professionals can create reports and labels lists easily and expedite entry and distribute customers’ queries or requests among agents under To-Do lists. They can also stay tuned with customers through Facebook, Twitter and Skype without leaving the CRM page.

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