27 June 2013
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Now, users can stay updated with latest happenings around the globe with Facebook as this social media giant is continuously working on its upcoming news service application. This new news service application of Facebook will be like bunch of all news shared on the website and users can easily browse it to read. To attract more and more users, Facebook keeps on revamping its one or other features from time to time. Every day, every minute or in every second, something new gets updated on Facebook. Facebook is the most alluring platform to publish any sensational news. People will like it, comment on it or share it leading to instant publicity thereof.

Similar to “Flipboard”, “Reader app” also allows subscribers to create their very own custom magazines by logging-in via social media accounts. Thus, one can customize the news as per his/her needs and requirements. Have you heard about ‘Clickable hashtags’ on Facebook?? Well, this feature takes users directly to the feed related to the tagged topic and they can see what others are talking about it. Therefore, it makes it easier for fans to go to the feed directly without going through all other news feeds. Further, Facebook is on the verge of adding more Hashtag features, probably in coming weeks, which will contain a list of trending tags.

As Google, the most popular online search giant, is planning to close its Google reader RSS service in March thus, other software giants are proffering alternatives to users. In fact, Digg, AOL and Feedly are done with their homework to present similar features. Moreover, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, is planning to transform the existing NewsFeed feature of the website. This NewsFeed will convert into ‘the most personalised newspaper’ from the starting page. Also, it would enable users to scroll down to any topic they want.

Hence, this step of Facebook is very much useful for all those who want to be updated with latest news, especially on the move.

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