1 August 2014
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Health care is just at your fingertips as there are many health apps and wearable trackers to sophisticatedly monitor the health condition. But, still the role of medical professionals or doctors holds significance. Now technology makes medical consultation quick and easy too. Here we have something that can keep you connected with your doctors. Just get logged in with the First Opinion app – it asks the age and gender info, – and find a matching doctor.

You can use this app for sending queries to your doctor and receiving instant advice from the other end within least possible time. Offering you an opportunity to communicate with a doctor unlimited times, this health service is available 24 hours. You can see the doctor’s bio in advance. Acquaint yourself with doctor’s specialty, working experience and geographic location, and make your choice. Also, this short bio contains the review about the doctor from other doctors. Personal details about a doctor – such as his/her relationship status, number of children, etc. – are also disclosed which serve as a mean to shed the reluctance that a patient or user may have while sharing his/her information with an offshore doctor, who is no less than a stranger.

If you can wait for 24 hours for an answer then the service is free but for getting answer within five minutes, you need to pay $9 per month. However, the Terms of Service of First Opinion sounds a bit discouraging as it holds word of caution saying users not to take doctor’s advice as true medical guidance. You cannot consider any information present inside the app as medical treatment, prescription or diagnosis. Even more, it expresses that doctors may not bear a suitable US license to practice there.

However, users so far have expressed confidence in the app, as they found the suggestions worth considering and that too were received in a fast way. People also claimed that the entire discussions were interactive, friendly and impressive.

For the time being, First Opinion is available for iOS users only and can be downloaded for free from Apple iTunes.

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