14 January 2016
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In the past, you were just getting connected with the watches that showed the time, but with the change of time, there has been some drastic changes coming in the picture. Now, you might be wondering that what those changes are. Well, to no exception anymore, these days the watches are more focused at providing the edge over the expected standards. They are entirely oriented towards easing the life hassles and giving them a complete satisfaction that you demand in the first place. This Techvedic blog compares two multi-featured watches. One is from the noted house of wearable technology, i.e. Fitbit, and the other from the master of innovation, i.e. Apple.

When you grab the Fitbit Surge, you are having a lot of advantages streamlined and this piece is not just a hand accessory; rather, the probabilities are multiplied a great many times with the advantages it reaps in the first place. The fancier leather look gives a new aura to this watch and the touch of gold is definitely the power that you want to possess. This watch has been astounding and promising from all respect and you get the style, look and design that matters. This watch has also been promising in terms of breaking the monotony and it ranks the highest in terms of giving a new look every now and then. At the same time, you are always one step ahead in terms of providing the right appeal to the personality wearing this watch. Apart from being a hipster, you can also have numerable benefits derived from this $ 200 dollar merchandize.

The watch comes with GPS capability, at the same time, the watch uses GPS connectivity to give a new experience to the wearer. You can track down on the notification of incoming calls, texts, calendar, appointments and many more. So, the watch will not just be the device to show you the time, rather, it is truly an unprecedented product to take your experience to a new level with easy to access notification silencer and many more features to help you sail through in technological ocean.

It is also an unprecedented health gear keeping a close vigil on the heart rate, pulse system and blood pressure. So, you are always keeping your health under the scanner with the Fitbit watches. Now, as a matter of fact, when you are picking up possibilities, you must pick the right one and without comparison a conclusion is hard to be dig. Take a look at the fitness benefits offered by Apple watch and that of Fitbit’s and pick the smartest one.

Heart Rate

Now, the contentious struggle is the health and if you have got the right solution, you are always on the verge of taking the cues. Apple and Fitbit, both guarantee the best evaluation and they use superior dynamics like photo plethysmography to measure the fluctuation in the heart beat, and the use of safe green lights also enables one to keep a good track on sudden minute fluctuations that goes in the body. The light absorber is fast and it prints the best picture. In this pursuit, it would be astounding to know that Apple watch has pitted well against the Fitbit’s. The Apple watch is more sophistically designed to take into account even the minutest fluctuations, thereby, it takes most of the possibility in the picture and makes the ground suitable for usage.

Calorie Counting

The Apple watch uses superior technology to track down heart rate and ensure that you are expending more calories and keeping a good track on the possibilities. The activity map is more promising and it can dictate the metric move of the application app. The use of the Apple watch segregates the calorie burn by dividing the active calories that has been burnt and those that are yet to be burnt in the first place. So, a complete blue print is delivered to the wearer and it prints the right picture through activity levels and it ensures that you are getting the best and reliable input that matters in particular. So, you can definitely say that Apple watch has more functions that you are looking for than Fitbit watches.

Now, it entirely depends that what are the queues that you have taken and how well you are thinking out to take the possibilities into picture.


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