6 June 2014
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Beware Yahoo users as someone is watching you! Surprised?? You will definitely get shocked after realizing that someone is monitoring your personal webcam chats. And, especially when that SOMEONE is from legal department.

Well, it is the matter of concern for all those who have become a victim of this spying case. Taking help from America’s National Security Agency (NSA), the UK spy agency GCHQ has captured numbers of webcam images of millions of Internet users. This was a real shock for all the sufferers that GCHQ has collected still images of their Yahoo webcam chats.

GCHQ, Britain surveillance agency, has named this surveillance program as Optic Nerve and further explained that this entire thing comes under legal frame. Images captured by them are stored in agency databases.  Almost 1.8 million innocent people were targeted in this case without even suspected of any crime. In every five minutes, system collected one image.

When approached for asking about this surveillance program, Yahoo acted furiously regarding this webcam interception done by GCHQ and described it as a violation of their users’ privacy. Privacy matters a lot for Internet users and after confronting this threat, they must be in a state of shock.

As per internal GCHQ wiki page, this surveillance program was also active in 2012 and experimenting in facial recognition. There were images in which the person is facing the camera with their face upright. In this entire case, it was revealed that surprising number of people has used webcams for some intimate activities. But, this is something embarrassing for the users that their private moments got captured by the team of GCHQ.

Finally, GCHQ explained that activities done by them were completely authorised and necessary. On the other hand, Yahoo is continuously trying to preserve the privacy of their users with proper encryption.

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