6 June 2014
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European Court of Justice asked Google to follow “Right to be Forgotten”, and support individual’s request to remove their irrelevant or otherwise inappropriate information from its search results.Impact of the EU Court’s plea: Few days back, the web giant, Google, released a registration form urging people to fill it if they wish their personal info to get off from the search records. You will be surprised knowing that immediately a day after this registration form was released, there were more than 12,000 applicants who applied for the same. Who do you think these people were? No wonder, most of these applicants were people who had hit scandals at some point of time in past or they had criminal record or the ones whose character was questioned.Google has promised to go through all the requests and review them based on individual merits; however, this process may take time, and so, the company says it’s too soon to give a specific date to attempt the eradication. As of now, the applicants and the court has crossed fingers, and hoping Google to update soon on this. Moreover, the web form is available that can be submitted for taking down the inappropriate links.On top of everything, Google has decided to ‘balance the privacy rights of every individual’ to value “Right to Know” and “Right to be Forgotten” in equal prospects. The applicants have to convince Google that the search result is irrelevant and it no longer fills the purpose for which it was listed. When Google accepts the submission along with the photo ID, it means the links will be taken off the search records, else not.Perhaps, Google has a different perception and it believes the court’s order is a restriction and collide with people’s privacy rights; but the company will soon revert on this.Do you think people opting to get off Google search results is justified? Share your views in the comments below.

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