8 November 2013
Operating System
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Now, Android users are constantly seen talking and praising amazing features of the most awaited Google’s operating system – Google Android KitKat version 4.4. Google Android head Mr. Sundar Pichai revealed that Google Android team wishes to extend its business and give technology wings to next billion people by the end of 2014.

No qualm, Android KitKat can be executed on entry-level devices with memory up to 512 MB RAM. In the countries (such as India, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico and Russia) where manufacturers are selling Android smartphones and tablets powered with two-years-old versions of Android OS, creators have designed Android KitKat to protect purchasing of old software and enjoy new technology.

Android KitKat is released with many application improvements and aesthetic enhancements. Some of those interesting features are mentioned below –

• “Ok” Google

Google Android KitKat no longer bounds users to touch screen to send texts, perform searches, play music and get directions. The user needs to say “Ok Google” followed by the command speaking about the task. For instance – if someone wishes to know location of the closest McDonalds, the person can say “Ok Google, tell me where is the nearest McDonalds?” And the directions will be known. Don’t you find this convenient?

• Contact Prioritization

What else could be more helpful than prioritizing contact list by preferring people whom users talk the most! Yes, Google Android KitKat enables users to benefit with the contact prioritization feature. In fact, it also supports buyers to integrate Google Apps contacts.

• Enhanced Caller ID

Most of the people do not prefer attending calls from unrecognized numbers. So, if you own Google Nexus 5 powered by Google Android KitKat 4.4, you can recognize the caller using Google maps by retrieving actual caller ID information from the local listings. In this way, people can easily communicate to the friends and family members calling from their office numbers.

• Immersive Display

Talking about the Android’s previous versions, navigation buttons and status bar used to remain on screen even when the users is watching a movie, playing games or reading an e-book. But the Android KitKat has taken away the intrusion easily, by hiding navigation buttons and status bar.
Not only on Google Nexus 5, but this operating system is going to be loaded on other gadgets as well, including Nexus 7, Nexus 4, Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Looking forward to Android KitKat? You can share your views and ask queries in the comment section below.

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