19 July 2013
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Change is the only constant, and those who sense it early, have the better chances to survive, it is well evident from the evolutionary processes nurturing diversity in life. And, Google, the big gun of the Internet marketing, is doing all to reap the benefit of this natural fact perceiving that by 2014 the fixed Internet usage is expected to trail by the mobile usage. And there should be no surprise citing the popularity of the mobile usage as expressed in the report here from Pew Internet: Pew Internet and American Life Project.

Enhanced advertising campaigns introduced in February that allows advertisers to decide the target platforms, viz. desktop, tablet and cellphone ads for all campaigns can be a boon to its ad-revenue system. Advertisers can opt out of the cell phone ads, but are required to buy tablet ads.

Advertisers are saying that this restricted the advertisement area, but Google defended it by saying that the enhanced campaign simplifies the process of ad placement, and makes it easier to reach customers who use devices indiscriminately. Company emphasized its user-friendliness saying that device specific advertisement would catch targeted audience more effectively as it reaches to them at their comfortable zone and time, thereby increasing the possibility of click and conversion, and hence the business prospects ultimately.

The changed mobile advertisement strategy will no doubt raise the price of mobile ads, which was so far priced at almost half those of the desktop counterparts. Expressing concern over rising cost per ad click, also referred as C.P.C. Search Agency, a search ad firm claimed that it observed 22 percent more costing for its clients. It also admitted increase in tablet ads for the first time. And, the smartphone ads demand hitting 25 percent surpassed all categories of spending.

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