18 July 2013
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Unanimously businesses now admit the importance of social media in business’ branding and marketing strategy. But, ironically, they don’t consider Google+ at par with the prevalent social media such as Facebook and Twitter. And the fact reflected clearly in an Interview organized by, a company that focuses on online marketing research, consulting and tools.

When, Carter Hostelley, the founder and CEO of the company tried to take stock of Google+ antagonist situation, he was stunned with the answers from marketers, a few include:

  • bullet_orange I’m already on the other social networks and don’t need another one
  • bullet_orange I have no reason to be on Google+
  • bullet_orange I tried it but gave up since nothing really was going on
  • bullet_orangeIt’s not a real social experience, so it was boring
  • bullet_orange It’s not intuitive and too hard to understand

Thus, for most of the people, the Google+ marketing potential still remains a mystery. Either they are not aware of it or are obsessed too much with Facebook or Twitter to accept the facts underscoring their respective high populace. Overall they are on the intersection to decide as what is more important between: (a) Where the people are and (b) Where I will need to be.

Being honest, one should not have any hesitation in accepting facts that when it comes to popularity of social media, Facebook is far ahead of Google+ with almost double active subscriber base. Facebook is considered the rage of the youth, and Twitter is dominating the influencers. Thus, a question sure to arise in anybody’s mind is where actually Google+ fits into. The answer it turns out is, Search, which culminates into search engine optimization (SEO), the very feed of any business website owner.

Yes, for what people have known Google since 1996, the same genre is backing the social platform as well. Now, you have got the answer as why Google+ has been integrated with Gmail, Maps, YouTube and Search. In fact this will help the giant to cater to the users’ demand, especially who were logged-in with their any Google accounts in a measured and coherent manner. Google+ instantly indexes available webpages in tandem with the Google crawlers and helps the powerful Google servers to collect and organize content effectively, which is later served to logged-in users, usually on the first page.

Google+ image search when synced with location settings opens a world of opportunities for marketers. They can target location-specific customers, and offer their products and services to them at a time when there is actually a thrust in demand. But this will pay only when marketers are quick to grab the opportunities available in the market.
Interestingly, this is not the end, and the potential of Google+ as a marketing tool is incredible, and terming it as marketing paradise won’t go wrong.

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