16 October 2014
Windows Server 10
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Every time, before coming to the final release of an operating system, clouds of rumors fill the sky. Technology experts, scholars, businesses and professionals start peeping into the conferences and seminars of its developer to get an early look at various features and enhancements. Technology news websites go gaga flashing phrases like top 5 lists or top 5 benefits, and so on. This time, it’s the time of Windows Server 10 Technical Preview to be in the limelight, which is likely to hit the market by late 2015.

At Techvedic, we are into the assessment that in what way it will benefit IT administrators and end-users in delivering more in a hassle-free, secured and simplistic manner. Take a quick tour with us and explore the enhancements to dash in.

Accessibility Enhancement

Start Menu– which remained a bone of contention for IT professionals in Windows 8 has been reversed to Windows 7 days, to let them have a quick access of network resources over non-touch capacitive laptops and workstations. The unobtrusive and familiar feature will definitely help them manage things efficiently.

Multitasking – yes that is what that rules workplaces. Windows Server 10 is likely to offer support for virtual desktops, i.e. users can group favorite applications through them and can have quick access to those the way they want. In addition, professionals can split the screen into quarters to manage different tasks simultaneously. It is relevant to quote that Windows 7 and Windows 8 too featured splitting but they both are limited to half-screen.

The Command Line and PowerShell

PowerShell got an uplift here too. Selection, copying and pasting of command lines would be more consistent with Windows Server 10. They won’t break or come with any unexpected character as used to happen with previous versions.


Windows Defender of Windows 8 makes a reverberation here. It’s likely to come with the yet to be released server edition, and interestingly, administrators would be able to manage it through PowerShell.


Hyper-V again receives a big boost. IT Administrators can take a rolling upgrade to a Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V cluster. It would provision a sequential upgrade of cluster nodes to support a range of functionalities through innovative features. Improved data read and write capability, data safety, immunity towards data corruption are surely to woo IT personnel. Dependent client operating systems would also enjoy the backup technology of the server, thereby favoring checkpoint snapshot creation.

Storage enhancements

Inclusion of Storage QoS (Quality of Service) and Storage Replica in the Windows Server Technical Preview shows that the tech giant is serious about making Windows Server a reliable abode for storage. QoS is meant to manage and prioritize performance of virtual hard-disks through PowerShell and WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation). Storage Replica is to attain block-level replication to Windows Server thereby favoring higher availability of the IT resources to end-users.

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