17 October 2014
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Who can understand a business values better than its customers? Definitely they are the best to assess the former’s services or products. Luckily, today they are in a much stronger position than ever, and businesses can’t afford to ignore the fact. Hence, innovation which was long sighted as a discipline of engineers and architects have taken a center stage in the domain of customer service and customer needs and satisfaction have become essential metrics which entrepreneurs are trying to study at their level best to maintain growth and sustainability. Hence, when we say that innovation demands analyzing customers’ needs, we are not making any out of the box statement.

Empowered customers of today expect quicker response and better customer service. And, with better Internet connectivity and digitalization manifesting improved communication, competitors being just a click away from your customers, you can’t stay apathetic to their needs.  You need to not just develop products and services according to their needs, but have to make sure that they continue getting the warranted performance from them. And that is possible when you extend your post-sales services in an engaging manner, the way customers want, i.e. in a responsive, transparent and accountable manner.

And what would be the better tool other than CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to evaluate that needs. Hence, it doesn’t remain as a software to be used by sales and marketing team, organize customer information, and enhance employees’ performance, rather it has become a tool to manage customer-experience innovatively to let them feel being served or pampered with a difference. The approach develops the sense of loyalty towards your brand. This shift is affecting almost every industry (and most businesses), and hence CRM vendors are trying to come with reliable CRM services that can deal with this disruption or rapid change in communication technology. They are emphasizing on delivering CRM solutions which is pro-customer rather than just centralized on benefiting businesses. Perhaps, social CRM reverberate that concept well where businesses can map customer-experience by delving into the social media profiles of their consumers – as it’s the place where customers vent out their satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the raw form.

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