18 March 2015
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Now-a-days business has become much more diverse and tech savvy, so newer and more advanced solutions are coming in the picture to help businesses reap lucrative dividends. In the race to dominate the competitive paradigm, innumerable businesses are adopting highly cutting-edge technology to swing their fortunes. They have become digitalized more than they were in the past and with the help of software solutions to ease of the business hassle, things are looking much brighter for the businesses for growth and expansion. So, let’s take a quick look at two of the SaaS technologies that is changing the horizon of business.

ERP and CRM, two of the SaaS services have been reverberating now-a-days a lot in the businesses. However, difference between ERP and CRM is immense, so if you are mingling both of them together than you will not be able to understand how to make the most from these two SaaS services  that can swing the roulette of profits and customers in your favor. So, first and foremost, let’s first figure out what ERP and CRM is and then later the differences would be worked out.


ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning monitors the resources that are being used in the business. So, it helps in facilitating product planning and cost, service delivery, marketing and sales, inventory management and shipping and payment. It provides a comprehensive platform for evaluation and helps in strategic planning and resource utilization to help the business flourish.


CRM or Customer Relationship Management helps in providing the right platform from where communication between present and potential customers can be facilitated. With the help of CRM, better customer experience can be facilitated. So, customers get all their queries solved instantly using CRM SaaS platforms.

However, even though these two technology deal with two different areas, still they are mixed up, and at the end people get confused and they are looking for solutions to clarify their doubts on ERP and CRM. So, let’s figure out the difference between ERP and CRM solutions, and ensure that no matter whether you are using ERP solutions or CRM software solutions, you are completely thorough with how they work and what benefits they can bring for the business.

Better operational management to facilitate better decision making, product planning, information generation between different departments for expediency in production and manufacturing. Keeps a tab on the sales generated by the enterprise and helps in bettering it through optimum customer service experience and thereby improves the profit margin of the enterprises using this software
Generally, when it comes to ERP, the niche is organizational management.  It deals with integrating marketing and sales.
The main purpose of ERP is to integrate the organization as one, so apart from keeping a tab on the sales and marketing, it effectively manages the entire business. So, marketing, sales, distribution and project management is included in its realm. Primary function is to keep the customer base and help in creating new list of customers in the existing pool.
Monitoring of employees and productivity is facilitated. Forecasting the sales and anticipating the profits.

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