30 October 2015
IT Outsourcing
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From connectivity and productivity to security, maintenance and monitoring, applications have a key role in your IT infrastructure. Their collective role keeps your business operations running at their peak with people connected and productive, and partners or customers satisfied. However, getting the right applications as per a business’ demand is a key challenge. To overcome that, most of the businesses rely on IT application outsourcing solutions. Yes, rather than getting the applications developed and managed internally by themselves, they assign it to organizations that are specialist in the domain. However, choosing the right IT application outsourcing solution provider is easier said than done. So what are the attributes of a reliable partner? What should be kept in mind before putting a seal on IT outsourcing budget? Recently, the IT consultant team members of Techvedic had a brainstorming session on it. The extract, depicting the significant stages or services of Techvedic IT application outsourcing solution, is available here.

Application Development

Understanding the evolving demands and challenges of a business, we plan, design and build tailored applications that can help workforce, dispersed locally and/or geographically to work together and drive business growth. Our applications help them to seek information that they want at the right time and at the right place. Apart from core employee-centric apps, we also offer customer-facing applications to bridge a brand and its customers together.

Application Maintenance

We keep a tab on the performance of offered applications. We make sure that end-users, whether they are your people, partners, or customers, don’t have to face any issues in terms of accessibility and availability of apps or the information stored in them. This helps them to maximize the potential of their IT applications and drive growth.

Application Management

We offer a web-based application management dashboard to our partners to let them successfully manage apps and services irrespective of their platforms and technologies. We empower managers to take the right action at the right time to keep business operations running without any interruption. We also help them identify challenges linked with different applications and take the right step before they could impede operations and disrupt business prospects.

Application Modernization

A business IT infrastructure is all about evolution to withstand the changes outside, i.e. customer’s preferences, compliance framework and evolving risks imposed by both man-and-nature-controlled factors. Taking cognizance of all, Techvedic modernizes its applications and services to drive flexibility, neutralize risk, minimize disruption, and reduce TCO and operating costs.

Thus, we endeavor to build a responsive and dynamic IT infrastructure for our partners to let them stay ahead, keeping people connected and productive with the right applications on their workstations or mobile devices. Our end-to-end support helps them to keep everything on track and focus more on business goals – maximizing outputs, driving sales and increasing customer satisfaction.

Though we have incorporated some key aspects, innovation knows no boundary. Your suggestions and feedbacks are always cherished here. We look forward to listen from you and improve our IT application outsourcing solution further.


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