8 September 2014
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For some reasons, if you are reinstalling Microsoft Office 2007, then you must need the product key, i.e. CD key. Find this product key on the sticker attached to the inside of the CD case or from the confirmation email that you got after purchasing the copy. However, if you failed to find out your product key, then here is the product key recovery method. This entire process will take around 15 minutes.

It is difficult to locate the product key manually, and thereby, a number of free programs are available to help you in this regard. Follow the below given steps:

  1. Select the appropriate free product key finder program that is compatible with Microsoft Office 2007. Remember, the product key finder locating the key for Microsoft Office 2007 can locate the product keys for any edition of Office 2007 like Office 2007 Professional, Enterprise, Small Business, Ultimate, Professional Plus, Standard, Home and Student, and Basic.
  2. Just download the key finder and run the program. For further help, follow the instructions offered by the software vendor.
  3. Once the program is downloaded and executed successfully, the numbers and letters displayed by the program denote the Microsoft Office 2007 product key. It comes as five sets of five letters and numbers.
  4. Write down the key code exactly as the key finder program displays and use it for reinstalling Microsoft Office 2007.

Be very careful while noting down this product key code. A single wrong character can cause Microsoft Office 2007 installation failure. Therefore, it is important to transcribe the product key as it is.

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