5 September 2014
Microsoft Windows
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So, you have been searching on the Web to find out easiest procedure to install Microsoft windows 7 on your device! The instructions mentioned below are too simple that even the beginners can make most of them and run Windows 7 successfully. Want to learn easy-to-follow steps to install Windows 7? Have a look:

  1. Switch ON your computer system and press Delete or F2 to enter on the BIOS system of your machine (the functionality depends on your PC’s mainboard).
  2. Browse to the “Boot” menu and select “Boot from CD/ DVD”.
  3. To save the system configuration, you need to press F10. Now exit the BIOS system. Take time to reset your PC properly.
  4. To proceed further, you will need genuine Microsoft Windows 7 DVD. If you have it, then use it. Else you need to buy. Insert the Windows 7 DVD into the DVD drive of your machine. Then initialize your computer system, and till then the Windows 7 files will be loading.
  5. Once this is over, you can carry on to select various options, including time & currency format, language to install, and keyboard or input method. Click “Next”.
  6. If you wish to install the Microsoft Windows 7 at the moment, choose “Install Now”.
    Select the Windows 7 version that you have to setup on your machine. Go to the “Select the operating system you want to install”.
    You can select “Windows 7 Ultimate” & click “Next” (it depends in the Windows DVD).
  7. Select “I accept the license terms” under “Please read the license”. Click “Next”.
  8. Under “Which type of installation do you want” and select “Upgrade” for upgrading older Windows version.
  9. Complete the partition of your computer’s hard disk.
  10.  Wait till the Windows install and progress.
  11.  You can type the user account & computer’s name. Also type the password for your account & click “Next”.
  12. Type the activation code in Product key box.
  13. Select a genuine method to protect Windows 7. Use recommended settings.
  14. Set Time Zone. Click “Next”.
  15. Select preferred network to connect Internet and start working on your machine.

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